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Magic Shows Ticket Prices: Saving Money On Gigs

There are so many live performances featured at top venues in Las Vegas, Luxor Hotel, Firefly Festival and The Grand Ole Opry these days its hard to choose your favorite.

What are Some of The Best Performing Venues?

Semi-liquid by Transient Theater venue and The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee venues lead the music scene for all the top country music performers! – Part of the Emerging scene which is taking America by storm focuses on such events and artist festivals.

Coming up to the crazy Christmas season and Criss Angel – Believe tickets are selling like hot cakes in Las Vegas. Some people have questioned the magicians repertoire for new tricks but Criss philosophy is why break something that’s not broken?

Luxor Hotel in Vegas on the strip will host most of this performers nightly entertainment shows. Cirque de Soleil a carrying this show throughout the winter period and hopefully this mind freak will continue be one of the best shows in Vegas.


imagine-dragons-dan reynolds

Presented by: Grand Ole Opry Schedule Line Up 2014
Artform: Multi-artform
Type: Performance
Dates: Mon 7 – Tue 8 Mar (Mon 7 – Tue 8 March (and also Mon 4 – Tue 5 April))
Times: 7.30pm (doors open 7pm)
Cost: Full web $10 Full phone/counter $12 Concession web $6 Concession phone/counter $8
Venue: Performance Space – Garth Brooks Tour Dates 2014

Book now: Book online / phone (07) 3872 9000

Ticket Prices: Opry Venues Little Secret

Entertainment come at a price and cheap tickets for top events just are not going to happen. There is a local event that is mirrored on the performance of the Imagine Dragons Tour who are appearing live at the Firefly Music Festival.

Make sure that you price tikets around some of the leading ticket brokers and agents to find the best price. These services are just a market place based on market supply and demand. So ticket prices will vary from platform to platform.

Buy a ticket early whilst in demand and you can pay top dollar. Wait a week or two before the event and snap up some cheaper tickets if its not sold out. Its a game of chance and the only winners are the online ticket brokers!

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Firefly Music Festival Line Ups

The band from Nevada, Las Vegas love doing this gig lead singer Dan Reynolds has told how he loves this event. Dave Matthews Band opened this event in 2012 “The Backyard stage” at this year’s Firefly Festival They are so popular they are no appearing  and headlining for Outkast on The Main Stage!
Immediate theater, dance and music on the live stage. The Imagine Dragons tour 2014 will cover Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” and perform “Battle Cry.”

Theater and Rock Concerts Tickets

SEMI-LIQUID PREDICAMENT is Transient’s newest project, a new window of opportunity for audiences to see surprising and fresh concoctions. Immediate theater, dance, and music on the bare stage. Appetizing new vaudeville, the unexpected, playing for the common good, arriving soon.

TRANSIENT THEATER is a partnership with a diverse history, creating movement based theater and site specific community events. The Transient partners, performers Tony Kishawi and Julieanne Hansen, have specialist skills in immediate theater, dance, mask work and improvisation. They are performance makers and teachers whose passion for the development of new work extends to the support of fellow performers in such collaborative projects as the Angry Mime.

Emerge aims to bring quality concepts and performance standards to audiences for low prices so that new work is easily accessible. Why not stay in the Opry Hotel or take a grand tour around its corridors to soak in the atmosphere of this Nashville folklore arena.

The emerge project will encourage audiences to enjoy new performance work alongside the exciting professional programs at the Judith Wright Center.

This chance to develop and show emerging work in a major contemporary arts center will enhance the development of local performing arts workers in all areas of their craft – and to provide JWC audiences with a glimpse of tomorrow.

The Opry can not be beaten in terms of its historic venue which once started out as a radio broadcast and is now a US phenomonon.

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Wonderful Adventures in Spain

Valencia scores top marks in terms of family diversions. Even the process of getting around the city is family friendly.

Traversed by a dry river bed serving as a pedestrian thoroughfare, the historic walled city is linked to the world-class City of Arts and Sciences, Spain’s rival to Disney’s Epcot Center.

The sea enclosure here alone is likely to sweep your children off their maritime feet, with penguins, whales and an amazing dolphin show that’s a sure hit with children, who can take turns in feeding the sealife.



There’s also the Gulliver Park where children can play at being a Lilliputian. If your kids are likely to enjoy paella, then Valencia is the home of the dish, and you can eat it down on the beach while they roam across miles and miles of sand: perfect sandcastle territory.

Malaga: One Of The Fantastic Cities in Europe.

Malaga, meanwhile, is quite simply one of Spain’s coolest cities, for adults and children alike.

Slap in the centre of the Costa Del Sol you are within a short transfer to the most amazing theme and water parks. Just a scoot along the coast lies all the entertainment of Marbella and Torremolinos — fair-rides, Cirque de Soleil, magicians, toy trains, incredible shopping centres, sailing schools, English-speakers and, for fussy eaters, any food you might be missing from home.

But best of all is that Malaga has remained really genuinely Spanish. A read a nice review of some insider tips to explore Malaga

The El Palo suburb of Malaga has one of the nicest family beaches along the whole coast, grassy plots by the beach and cheap chiringuitos serving up sardine skewers, plus back in the town centre there’s cracking shopping and the wonderful Picasso art museum for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Great flight links, the high footfall making for extremely competitive services such as car hire and its position as the gateway to the interior attractions like El Chorro and the Alcazaba earns Malaga its place in the Tripadvisors Family top three.

Top 3 Tips for Exploring Malaga Province

  1. Always pre-book your Malaga Airport transfer to your accommodation.
  2. Use Renfe to travel further afield and book in advance for extra savings
  3. In peak summer use public buses as parking and driving is a nightmare for a tourist in busier areas

Velaro E feiert den ersten Geburtstag / Velaro E celebrates its

Its important to explore and not just to take our word for it. Such a beautiful coastline hugging the mediterranean shores yield some hidden gems. From the boutique hotels in Marbella scattered around Orange Tree Square to the remote inland villages of Ronda, Monda, Coin, Álora and hundreds of more in Andalucia.

Excellent infrastructure in Spain

As one of the oldest countries to really absorb mass tourism, Spain has an excellent and cheap tourist infrastructure to take the headache out of planning and getting around.

In spite of chartered tourism, with just a little bit of imagination and, probably most critically, access to a car, you’ll get the chance to explore some remote areas of this fascinating and fast changing country.

Sierra Nevada sign

Spain, is a mountainous and vast country, its geographical variety almost rivaling Australia and is in parts as empty of people, who like Oz, are concentrated chiefly round the coast. Inland life is more remote and unchanged, and rural Spain, its beautiful mountains and natural parks, the Sierra Nevada, and towns such as Aracena are great antidotes to 21st century city life.

Whether your children are at the age of chasing butterflies or hiking, there’s enough to wear them out over 10 years of holidays on the trot.

Hotel Facilities

The beaches of the Mediterranean, Costa Del Sol, Costa Tropical, and the natural park of Cabo de Gata, meanwhile, all have brilliant sheltered shores perfect for paddling. The windy bays on the Costa Brava have slick watersports schools where older children can be taught surfing, wind or kite-surfing and sailing.

Every town in Southern Spain comes with swings and slides and almost every second town has a giant water park with lots of decent municipal swimming pools in between.

The guaranteed sunshine, which is such an irresistible draw to Spain, actually becomes quite a serious drawback if you intend to make forays inland with children — particularly Andalucia in August. It’s wise to trim back any ambitions you have for city sightseeing not just because of attention spans, but that searing heat, too.

Granada, Cordoba and Seville can all feel hotter than a brick oven at the height of summer.

Incredible Scenery

For adults Spain is fascinating, and there’s absolutely masses — historic sites, swashbuckling stories, outdoor adventure, live culture, street performances — to keep your little one amused at the same time.

Spain has so much going for it for families — lots of unspoiled areas and cheap food and accommodation, plus short flight times, readily available children’s necessities, and no need for inoculations. Having children shouldn’t mean the end of adventurous travel. If it isn’t too much of a paradox, with a little bit of planning, you can be a spontaneous as you please together.


Mediterranean Spain

Best Family Events.

You’ll have to exercise some guile to actually avoid the fiestas, romerias and paella eating free for alls that are the bread and butter of Spain’s community calendar. Seville’s Semana Santa is one of the few carrying a parental guidance caution — its solemnity is a little off-putting for most — but otherwise there are mini events strewn the length of the coast and dotted throughout the year, almost all carrying special childrens features.

Fallas is a Valencian bonfire night stretched over five days, with papier-mache effigies ablaze (you vote to save your favourite — be it Bart Simpson or Francisco Franco, or George W. Bush), fireworks, bullfights, beauty pageants and paella cook-offs.

Moros y Cristianos


Catalan festivals are famous for their human towers tradition, in which strongmen stand on each other’s shoulders to form six and seven storey human Towers-of-Pisa, with the top spot saved for a light little boy or girl. Vails, 100 km south of Barcelona, is ‘the cradle of castles, but you can catch the human towers at festivals everywhere from Tarragona to Barcelona.If you want something a bit more educational, the town of Alcoy near Alicante holds a three-day Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) festival, a re-enactment of the conquests and re-conquests done in full historical dress.

Barcelona’s Fiesta de la Merce (Weekend around 23 September) features free concerts in every square and the streets are peopled with outsized statues. The Correfoc (fire run) is when fire spurts from ‘dragon’s mouths and families can ‘dance with the devil’ under sparklers and huge revolving fireworks.

Although the event isn’t geared to children, bear in mind Valencia does host the Americas Cup in 2007.

Have You Got Children! A Refreshing Change

Spaniards absolutely fall over themselves for children, whether it’s their own or other people’s offspring: their love for youngsters borders on a national obsession.


Bringing up baby in Spain is a big undertaking: shops are packed with elaborate swaddling clothes and families shell out for christening outfits that cost the earth. Children are adored and fawned on, but are very far from being wrapped up in cotton wool: hardly anywhere is out of bounds for Spanish youngsters. Any English notions of bedtime and ‘no-go zones should be gloriously abandoned at immigration: taking your family to Spain is something of a holiday from rules.

Restaurateurs will look at you blankly if you ask whether it’s okay to bring children to the table — in Spain, it’s akin to asking whether breathing is a good idea. Not that you should expect a huge number of facilities. Some restaurants, almost always those run by expats, sometimes have the odd high chair or two, but it’s rare you’ll find children’s menus. Children’s clubs haven’t caught on here enormously and crayons and clowns at dinner-time are the exceptions not the norm.

What it lacks in planned entertainment and facilities though the country more than makes up for in its absolutely whopping warm welcome.

So what you waiting for some financial decisions are worth making just dont get too bogged down and fly by the seats of your pants for a spontaneous adventure they often are the best times